50 Years STEIN Maschinenbau

In a time when the booming shoe industry in the south of Rheinland-Pfalz, the world was still in order, Fritz Stein founded with his brother in 1962 this company.
It was only 23 years later, Fritz Stein was a long time sole owner, he came to the plastic industry when he was commissioned to design a tilting table for a significant window profile manufacturer in this region. Here began the success story.  And after 27 years of successful experience in the extrusion industry, STEIN MASCHINENBAU will be today one of the worlds most important manufacture in the extrusion industry.

Four years ago, to the Open House 2008, the company was able to announce with pride that in the profile extrusion are now all downstream equipement could provide. Thanks to a newly developed, more robust and stainless calibrating table. Today, this also applies to the sheet extrusion. Starting from the calender to stacker, the customer will find all from one source.

„STEIN – BLUE LINE, for a sustainable future“
is the new slogan. Thus, the Stein family and their creative staff consistently pursues the achievement of sustainability and energy savings. This philosophy includes a strict adherence to all facilities and process technologies, equipment and components as eco- and future-oriented construct, that customers are able to produce saving energy and cost.  Even more for the world market with the “Made in Germany” well placed to be.